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book The Ten Golden Rules Of Online Marketing Workbook by Jay Berkowitz

Ten Golden Rules Of Online Marketing Workbook, by Jay Berkowitz
Paperback: 98 pages. From Reviews: I am such a fan or social media marketing and after hearing Jay Berkowitz (the author) speak, I had to buy the book. Once I got it, I simply inhaled it! I internalized what was in here and it transformed my business to the tune of gross profits… While others spout about how great online marketing is they want to charge you hundreds of dollars to show you exactly WHAT TO DO to get started. With this book, now I got the road map, thank you JAY! Read More …

internet marketing book by Jay Berkowitz

10 Free Strategies for Internet Marketing
, by Jay Berkowitz
Paperback: 60 pages. Internationally recognized marketing expert Jay Berkowitz breaks his signature process for online marketing success into ten simple tactics that, if applied, will get you noticed, build your brand, kick off social media buzz, and start converting Website visitors into leads. Berkowitz, who also developed University of San Francisco’s Internet Marketing Masters Certificate course curriculum, presents a handy reference, in simple steps, so you can create results without struggling with the learning curve. Read More …

Matt the Interns Guide to Digital Marketing

Matt the Interns Guide to Digital Marketing
, by Matt Klimek & Jay Berkowitz
Paperback: 72 pages. Imagine you could spend summer learning from one of the smartest teams of Internet marketers in the world. You would learn all about marketing a business on Google and Facebook and how to measure your success. That is exactly what Matt Klimek – who affectionately became known as Matt the Intern did in 2015. And, Matt recorded several of his key leanings as blog posts and chapters for the book Matt the Intern’s Guide to Digital Marketing. Read More …