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Should You Hire Based on Klout Scores?

August 29, 2012

If you haven’t heard of Klout, it’s the latest in metrics on the social engagement levels of a brand or person. Klout claims to measure social impact and provides a scoring system that can be used to identify heavy hitters on social media. While some argue that Klout’s formula is a relatively useless measure of social engagement (see, others are proposing that not only is it accurate enough to really measure a level of engagement, but that it should be a factor in the hiring process. Marketing execs at top agencies tend to have higher Klout scores than those at less well-known agencies, argues Mashable. Hiring those with high Klout scores may mean that you get someone who understands social media well and is prepared to make an impact with it. Here’s a question, though – are the do the top agencies’ execs have high Klout scores because they are affiliated with top ad agencies, or because their own merits got them there? What about agencies that aren’t on the list? Until a few more questions have been answered about the validity of the Klout score, there’s no need to be too worried about your own.

Would you use a Klout score to help you determine an ideal candidate for a position at your company?

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