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June 7, 2007

Social Media marketing company, Sway, has created a turnkey tool for distributing and tracking Web 2.0 marketing campaigns. This single integrated suite of tools allows anyone to leverage the power of Social Media Marketing.

With “Shoutlet”, you can send “Shouts” either via podcast, RSS Feed, eNewsletter, Mobile Messaging (SMS) or website-based applet. “Shouts” are whatever message you want to send – you simply pick the method to send it, design/write the “Shout”, provide the list and then send. You can import contacts from a variety of sources (LinkedIn, Plaxo, Excel, etc.). Once imported, contacts can be managed in Shoutlet, too. All tracking and reporting is done in Shoutlet – with a single dashboard reporting activity in real time.

Sales can use it to reach out to current clients, it’s a PR professionals dream and the Marketing applications are limited only by your list.

A free demo is available. But, get behind me – I’m already on the list. 🙂