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Six Things I learned from Mitch Joel

April 22, 2007

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the amazing Mitch Joel this week. Mitch is the super blogger Twist Image and podcaster The Six Pixels of Separation from Beautiful Montreal.

Here are the 6 points that stood out for me from Mitch’s presentation:

1. The Mom Factor
The internet isn’t just for 14-24 year old males anymore. 1/2 of YouTube viewers are over age 34, 17% of Playstation owners are over the age of 50 and Mitch showed a video of an enthusiastic 79 year old YouTube videographer.

Internet users are distinguished by their ‘tribes’ attitudinal similarities not generational.

2. Blogs are for Companies too
1/2 of all Fortune 500 Companies have blogs.

It is critical for companies to KNOW how to CONTROL interactive messaging, particularly in times of crisis. Mitch shared the story of how the Kryptonite bicycle locks lost over $20 Million when a YouTube video showed how to break into the lock using a bic pen. The company didn’t recognize the threat, they didn’t post anything on their website and they didn’t KNOW how to CONTROL the situation.
Mitch advised companies to use tools such as Google Alerts and Yahoo Alerts to monitor messages about your brands and to watch Technorati for links to your company.

4. Web 1.0 = Eyeballs. Web 2.0 = Interactivity
The old web measured how many people viewed a site, the new web is all about interactivity and UGC User Generated Content. Sites can measure their success and impact by how many people interact with the site and contribute content (NON-SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE PLEASE JOIN THE CONVERSATION AND COMMENT ON OUR BLOG!!!)

5. How many Pixels are we separated?
Mitch demonstrated the power of connectivity with LinkedIn. He was able to use his LinkedIn network to make an important business contact at Mattel within 20 minutes.

If you’re on LinkedIn please send me a note and let’s link up!

6. Adopt Internet Marketing WITH not INSTEAD OF
Mitch urged everyone to go back to their offices and ADD 1-2 interactive elements to their marketing mix. Interactive marketing can be effective without tremendous expense, especially in the start up and testing phase. You don’t need to convince your organization to drop traditional marketing activities to start some effective online activities such as a blog, a YouTube video or a podcast.

PS – Mitch, I’m jealous, all of my lists are 10 items long, it’s a lot easier to write 6

PPS – I followed Mitch at the podium, he’s a REALLY tough act to follow 🙂

Jay Berkowitz