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Small Business Loves Social Media

September 17, 2010
Jay ran an interesting article with some compelling data regarding the use of social media by small businesses. With a low/no-cost point of entry, I’m surprised the numbers aren’t higher. The data suggests that at least 24% of small business don’t use the technology because they don’t understand it and another 35% don’t use it due to lack of time.

For the 24% who don’t understand it, I would recommend getting online to get a crash course. As a relatively new advertising frontier, there are tons of great resources online where small business owners can begin to get familiar with the power of social media. Have a personal Facebook profile page? Why not set-up a page for your business and start to engage with your customers?

As for the 35% who don’t use it due to time constraints, consider hiring a firm like Ten Golden Rules to handle your social media strategy. Most agencies have pricing plans that can work with your budget. What’s the benefit? Access to a TEAM of trained interactive marketing professionals who can help you develop a winning strategy that aligns with your business goals – and that’s just for starters.

At the end of day, small businesses need to get in the game. Lack of participation is no longer an option in our digital society. Get off the bench Mr Small Business!

Read the full Forbes article “Social Media Has Scorching Impact On Small Biz” by Alison Diana.