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Social Media and Global Power Shifts


Today Mashable published an article on social media and the global power shift that it claims has come with the advent of new technologies. With social media taking responsibility for the mass appeal and massive outpouring of support for movements like Occupy Wall Street and the Egyptian revolutions, it’s hard not to agree that a power shift is afoot. Even the power of marketing has been shifted to the consumer – inbound marketing, not outbound marketing, is now at the heart of the marketing world. Consumers are now the ones who can better control what ads they see and when, and how companies can connect with them, which can heavily impact the moves that companies today make.

Do you agree with Mashable? Is there a “new power” afoot that comes with the new technologies that we have created and popularized? Or do you believe that power will still naturally be relegated to the hands of a select few at the top of the pyramid?

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