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Social Media Brand Explosion – Guest Post from New Author Jim Kukral


Jim has been a good friend to Ten Golden Rules, and today is the launch day for his new book! Attention This Book will Make you Money . How to Use Attention Getting Online marketing to Increase Your Revenue If you buy this book, sign up at this site to get over a dozen bonuses!

I have read about 4 chapters and so far I give it a 5 Star review. It is a very current look at how to drive traffic to a website and utilize multiple social media to build your brand and your personal brand. The style is very straight forward and easy to read.

This is a guest blog post from Jim, enjoy!

Social Media Brand Explosion

I’ve been promoting the Jim Kukral brand online for close to 15-years now. In 2001 I bought the domain name and began to blog about every day things, like being cut-off on the road on the way to work, or how the tragedy of 9/11 changed my life, and yours. You know, silly life stuff. That’s what people did at the time.

As I said, my first blog wasn’t about “business,” heck, nobody back then was using blogs for their businesses. It was all about building your brand by letting people around the world, people normally outside of your circle of influence, come in and learn more about you. It was years later that I began to utilize blogs as a marketing and business tool.

I wrote one of the first eBooks online that explained how to make money from a blog. The year was 2003 and it was called Blogs To Riches. The eBook contained tips and strategies for how to use your blog to build a personal brand and then how to turn that brand into revenue. When I first launched the eBook I received tons of publicity from it, and 90% of it bad. I was getting hate mails from people saying things like “Blogging is pure, you can’t make money from it you jerk!” or “You’re an idiot, nobody will ever make any money from a blog.” Indeed, the same types of things people were saying about social media in the beginning.

I continued to blog for years and years, accumulating thousands of search engine rankings from articles that I had written. I spent a year creating a new Web video every single day, getting my message out to an entirely new audience. I created podcasts of interviews with experts and gurus. I built my brand over those years to a place where I was quite well known in my industry circles, and it worked great. I had a loyal following of people subscribed to my RSS feed and email newsletters, plus I had earned myself a very nice reputation as someone who knew how to help other people find success online.

But it wasn’t until social media really came along that my brand exploded. Because of social media I was able to extend my brand and expand my reach, allowing me to generate thousands upon thousands of direct contacts who were interested in me and what I do.

And here’s the key point. These contacts were people outside of my regular inside circle. You know, customers. You can’t pay for that kind of attention, and that’s one of the best things about using social media to build your brand. It’s free!

What are you doing right now? Why aren’t you out there actively participating in the social world? I’ve watched people go from nobody to $25k public speakers in 2-years or less because they knew how to work social media and build their brand. I’ve seen people spend years and years and hundreds of thousands of dollars completely fail to get their name out there because they didn’t realize the opportunity that the social world brings.

Why can’t you do it?

Oh wait, you can. It’s time to get to work.

Don’t go out there and sell yourself. Go out there can create content that solves people’s problems or/and entertains them. Then use social media to spread those messages, just as we all did with blogs before social media existed. Watch as your followers and fans grow and grow. Watch as people (your customers) flock to you and buy from you.

Go… now. Get started.

For over 15-years, Jim Kukral has helped small businesses and large companies like Fedex, Sherwin Williams, Ernst & Young and Progressive Auto Insurance understand how find success on the Web. Jim is the author of the book, “Attention! This Book Will Make You Money”, as well as a professional speaker, blogger and Web business consultant. Find out more by visiting You can also follow Jim on Twitter @JimKukral.

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