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Social Media for Small Businesses

December 28, 2009

Sarah Evans – the face of PR Newswire – had one of my favorite posts this weekend:

As an Internet marketer, I have to agree. Not everyone, and everything, needs a Facebook fan page, or a Twitter account, for that matter. Let’s face it – it can get annoying. However, social media does have its place in the Web marketing toolbox. And especially for small businesses on a limited budget, social media can be effective – if it’s used properly.

According to a recent article in eMarketer, lead generation is the biggest benefit social media brings to small businesses. Other benefits as listed in the “Small Business Marketing Forecast 2010” from Ad-ology include:

Like any marketing or advertising campaign, social media efforts need to focused, with a clear strategy and measurable goals. Unfortunately, most small businesses face several challenges when it comes to using social media effectively, including a lack of education and/or the necessary resources to use the channel effectively.

So, before you build that Facebook page or create your Twitter account, think about what you want to accomplish… If you aren’t sure what, how or where to begin, get some help from an expert. As we’ve seen in many instances, a misstep in the social media world can cause more harm than good. By engaging someone familiar with the channel to help you get started, you’ll reduce the risk of a foux paux, as well as the learning curve, and see results faster.