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Social Media Training & Influence


If you could train your entire workforce to be proficient at social media, would you? Digital Royalty says yes – it’s a company that’s rolling out a social media training program for other companies.

“Digital Royalty University offers customized education programs including strategic and tactical social media training for all individuals within a company. It’s important that every department understands how social communication channels impact their area of business. This new phase allows us to also begin providing education to small and medium sized businesses, in addition to large corporate brands, as we continue to automate our curriculum comprised of more than 100 training modules.” – Amy Martin, CEO

While neither the Mashable article nor the blog post comment above get more specific on exactly which platforms are covered, it’s clear that grassroots influence of peers and colleagues is of great marketing value (a value which could be exponentially increased depending on the scale of the company involved.

What do you think? Would you want to purchase company-wide social media training for your organization? Are there any other benefits you can think of?

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