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Structuring Your Business for Mobile Success

May 2, 2012

Google recently released The Mobile Playbook, The Busy Executive’s Guide to Winning with Mobile, By Jason Spero and Johanna Werther. While exploring the Playbook, a panel of leading mobile experts reviewed the following 5 necessary questions for mobile success:

1. How does mobile change our value proposition?
2. How does mobile impact our digital destinations?
3. Is your organization adapting to mobile?
4. How should our marketing adapt to mobile?
5. How can we connect with our tablet audience?

The Mobile Playbook ends with a helpful action items checklist and an additional resources list.

I recommend reviewing this ebook if you are looking to further your business’s mobile strategy. One of my favorite tips from the Playbook is the GoMoMeter. This Google website (How To Go Mo) allows you to test a website’s mobile appearance, learn the top ten mobile design practices, and the ability to generate a custom report with improvement recommendations along with a vendor list to help you get started.

Please share your comments and questions about mobile for business below.

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