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Sync Your LinkedIn Contacts


I’m tired of my iPhone. I can’t wait to stomp it to tiny bits. I know. I know. I KNOW. I am the ONE person on the planet who doesn’t drink the “Steve-Jobs-fanboy-Kool-Aid“. Shoot me.

I’ve had an iPhone for 20 months. All of them painful. Dropped calls. Crashing OS. Slow OS. You name it. My contract is up in November and I have been salivating over the new Android phones. Specifically the new Captivate (AT&T) aka Fascinate (Verizon) aka Epic (Sprint). I’ll be keeping my GSM technology and loving the high def video. It actually makes me want to watch a video on my phone. And what internet marketing person doesn’t love the new frontier that is video content?
And the best part is I won’t have to give up all my handy little apps. Consider this new little nugget called ConnectIn developed by Rdio which will allow me to sync my LinkedIn contacts (and I have over 400 right now) via my phone. It will sync
– Phone numbers
– Status Updates
– Photos
– Headlines
It will even let me open a profile in my browser. The app is only $0.99 and available now via The Market. I think this will be one of the first apps I try when I get my shiny new phone. It will make keeping my business contacts updated THAT much easier.