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VIDEO: Ten Free Tools to Prepare Your Company for a Recession


Ten Free Tools to Prepare Your Company for a Recession
Here are some videos with tips on how to prepare your company for a recession.
With our economy in a downturn and oil hitting new highs, many business owners are seeking alternative ways to promote their business and many are turning to the web. Internet marketing expert and founder of the Internet marketing promotions and advertising firm, Ten Golden Rules has created a video series and list of “Ten Free or Low Cost Ways to Use the Internet to Help Your Business in Down Times.” Here you can see his recent interview on Fox Business as well as the first of 10 videos being produced on ways to maximize your website traffic.
Ideas for marketing on the internet include:

  • Maximize website traffic by using Free Search Engine Optimization techniques
  • Create a FREE Offer on your site to get leads
  • Measure the cost to acquire a lead and a sale
  • Learn from the competition by using Competitive Intelligence Tools
  • Take advantage of FREE Internet products like Google Optimizer to improve conversion on your website
  • Generate greater awareness for your business or product by using Free or low cost Internet Press Releases
  • Develop an eNewsletter
  • Create a virtual internet sales force using Affiliate Marketing
  • Build your company’s position on high traffic Social Media
  • Cut out the middle man by selling direct
  • Here is tip #1 – How to generate free traffic to your website with search engine optimization.