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The ABC’s of SEO


Hi guys its Matt the Intern. Today I learned about the ABC’s of SEO. These ABC’s are the fundamentals of becoming noticed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and are the fundamentals to drive free ‘organic’ traffic to your website.
[blockquote text=”You want to have interesting and valuable things on your website that people want to link to.” show_quote_icon=”yes”]
[vc_column_text][dropcaps type=’square’ color=’#ffffff’ background_color=’#1ABC9C’ border_color=”]A[/dropcaps] is for Architecture and the structure of your website. The most important parts of the website must include a clean design that is easy for the Google spiders to read (WordPress works well), meta tags, and a site map. After the basics, ask yourself if there’s anything else that needs to be added or changed. Is the content organized and easy to read? Is it welcoming? Is it clear where to click for the main thing that your company is offering?
[vc_column_text][dropcaps type=’square’ color=’#ffffff’ background_color=’#1ABC9C’ border_color=”]B[/dropcaps]
is for Backlinks. This is when other sites link your website. When they do that it is beneficial because it is like a vote for your website in Google’s algorithm. So, you want to have interesting and valuable things on your website that people want to link to. And now, social media ‘signals’ are valued like links to your website. Some examples are, tweets on Twitter, Likes on facebook, and pluses from Google+. The more links you have, the more important you are in the algorithms of the search engine. There have been times in the past where people would pay for links to their site or make a website with the primary purpose of linking to other websites. When Google found out about these, they made an algorithm update called Penguin, which penalizes you for bad or paid links, Google will not give your website a thumbs up in their algorithm.
[vc_column_text][dropcaps type=’square’ color=’#ffffff’ background_color=’#1ABC9C’ border_color=”]C[/dropcaps]
is for Content. What keywords, images and videos do you have on your website. You have to have the words that people are searching for to find your website. It is good to have 250-1000 keywords on a page. This will help people to find your website. Your content must be great. You must have a wide spread of words that you use, so that Google will place you higher on keyword searches.[/vc_column_text]