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The Future of Marketing, 3D Style

March 24, 2011

For the business world, the implications of the new Xbox Kinect technology go far beyond gaming. Microsoft launched Kinect, the motion-controlled add-on for Xbox in November. Sales of the device have far exceeded expectations. Mashable reports that the initial forcast for sales of the device were around 3 million units in the first few months, but instead rocketed to 8 million. The technology behind Kinect senses motion, voices, and even facial expressions. It is also able to distinguish one person from another.

The marketing presentations to individualized promotions, businesses can tailor the shopping experience to the customer. Consumers will be able to interact with products through a three-dimensional experience. For example, clothing retailers could offer shoppers the ability to try on their products virtually, using their actual measurements to determine fit. Customers will be able to see how an object will look in their actual living room before they purchase it. This technology will bring online shopping to a whole new level.

For a product designed to entertain, the Xbox Kinect has the ability to revolutionize the marketing industry. Consumers will no longer be confined to point and click purchases. Businesses will now be able to bring the experience of shopping in the store directly to the individual customer. Welcome to the Jetsons era.