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The Future of Video SEO

August 10, 2009

We all love when our videos show up in universal search. Those of us who are familiar with optimizing video for strategic keywords, know that we want to use those keyword phrases in the page title, meta tags, contextual copy surrounding the video, and title descriptions which is the text that is displayed in the actual video. As Google and other search engines become smarter, what does it mean for these video optimization principles?

Now that Google is able to transcribe soundtracks, the future of video optimization will rely heavily on the actual content of the video. When making a new video, the audio should mention the keyword phrases you are targeting, in addition to the page title, meta tags, etc. Think of it as a regular webpage of text. The keyword phrases you are targeting should be woven into the content of the page to give you the best chance of ranking for those keywords. With Google’s ability to transcribe audio, think of the audio content of the video as the body copy of the page and include your targeted keywords accordingly.

If you are creating a video that does not have actual verbal content, like a video of a chicken wing eating contest, it is best to include a voice over that describes what is going on and uses strategic keywords.