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The Importance of a Mobile Search Strategy


Increasingly, mobile’s importance in our lives is becoming more evident. Our mobile phones can essentially be considered a permanent fixture of our daily routines. Can you leave home without it?
In conjunction with Nielsen, Google’s new report, “Mobile Search Moments: Understanding How Mobile Drives Conversions“, attempts to decipher what triggers people to do mobile searches and when, what actions follow as a result and how marketers can utilize this intelligence. This report explains the measurable connections between mobile searches and their correlated online and offline conversions.
What are the main drivers for mobile searches? Speed and convenience, with 77% of mobile searches performed in a location (work or home) likely to have a PC available to them.
Here are a few additional highlights from the report:
• 45% of all mobile searches are goal-oriented and conducted to help make a decision
• 81% of conversions (store visit, call or purchase) triggered by mobile search occur within 5 hours
• 55% of conversions from mobile searches happen within one hour
As a key factor in the decision-making process, a mobile search strategy is an essential piece of your overall marketing strategy.
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Image credit: Johan Larsson