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The Most Important Online Strategy – Just Do It!

May 20, 2009

I was recently asked by a web student about how to get over a creative hurdle with stating a web business.

I answered the question with a popular ad expression ‘Just Do It’!

Entrepreneurship and the world of the web require action! Velocity! Forward Movement!

My recommendation: Spend 1 more day on strategy, set a firm direction. Search for a domain name. Buy it. Start a WordPress blog and point it at the Domain name. Build a Squidoo page. Set a schedule. 4 blogs per week. 7 original Twitters per week. Minimum 7 Re-Tweets per week. 14 new Twitter follows per week. Make a list, check it off as completed. Never waiver from meeting your schedule.

When I started Ten Golden Rules I was asked to speak at a Direct Marketing Association Meeting. I had about 5 weeks. I spent 2-3 days putting a bunch of thoughts I had on paper. I searched several domain names and was available. I moved quickly forward to build a very basic site (it is embarrassing to look back at it now 🙂 ) I wrote the Ten Golden Rules of Online Marketing presentation. I rehearsed it about 50 times. The presentation was well received and the rest is history. I started a company, wrote a book, launched a blog and a podcast using the ‘Ten Golden Rules’ name. I gave the presentation over 100 times in the last 5 years.

The most important lesson I have learned about being an Entrepreneur is to move forward smartly and quickly. The only guarantee of failing in business is not trying at all. As Wayne Gretzky says ‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!’

So, stop waiting for ‘one day’. Stop developing and analyzing the perfect idea. As Gary Vaynerchuk who has built a $50 Million wine business and huge online brand says ‘Crush It!’ Good Luck, please come back here and comment, let us know about your success! Or if you are already crushing it please share your success stories.