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The Mozilla Foundation Non-profit for Profit?

The Mozilla Foundation is the developer of Firefox and It is very remarkable how a non-profit foundation dedicated to promote innovation on the Web and to help keep the Internet open, has become a success with an open source business model – giving their products to final users for free. They developed open source Internet client software, designed to comply with open standards, to be cross-platform, and to be internationalization-ready. The result is an award-winning suite of products that have been translated to more than 50 languages from Afrikaans to Zulu. The products have been ported to many platforms, and are widely-renowned for their excellent standards support.
Over 125 million people use Firefox today and they downloaded the software for free.In a article that I read from Wired Magazine, it took my attention the following answer from John Lilly Mozilla CEO.
Wired: Mozilla is a nonprofit foundation but also a for-profit start up. How does that work?
Lilly: We’re like a university. We have a public mission — keeping the Web open — that we’re supporting with economics. It’s just that our competitors are all for-profit companies
This kind of model is awesome and have an Internet Browser which is a independent standard from the Big guys from Apple or Microsoft is good for everybody. If you don’t have Firefox yet download it for free