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The News 63 Years Ago

June 1, 2007

How often have you gone to the web or television to get instantaneous breaking news coverage? Or for that matter, have you received a Google News Update sent to your laptop or cellphone? Today many of us take advantage of this 24/7 coverage of not only the war in Iraq but also significantly less important news like Britney Spears shaving her head.
Wednesday marks the 63rd anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy and to honor this historic event XM Radio is broadcasting in real time the radio news bulletins of the invasion starting at 12:41am on their 40s channel, Channel 4. 63 years ago much of the country used the Radio or Newspaper to get their news, as TVs were not as prevalent. I am sure there are some people who remember the days before TV, or even Cable TV, there may even be a couple readers who don’t remember days before the internet.
So go over to XMRadio, signup for a free no obligation trial, and try to see how long you can last listening to the real time broadcast without wanting to hop on CNN or Google News and try to get faster updates then the periodical news bulletins. I for one, know I could not last past the first news bulletin.