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The Power of Twitter Save Lives of All Kinds

May 27, 2009

There are so many ways Twitter can be used to reach a large amount of people, from landing a job, serving customers, making people aware of what is going on in the world before traditional media can and even save lives.

The following story I stumbled upon is heartwarming, especially for me, being a dog lover and pitbull owner. It not only showed that good people do still exist and the power of what Twitter does to reach many people with just one simple tweet.

Two roommates from Texas (Jaime Whitt and Connie Donnellan), found an injured pitbull on the side of the road who needed immediate care. The problem was that the amputation procedure that the dog needed was $400 in order to keep the dog from being euthanized. Using Twitter, they asked their followers to help them out by donating money to help the dog. Collecting their donations through paypal, they ended up raising more than enough money for the operation as well as to care for the dog, who they named Caesar until he can be permanently adopted.

Below is the TV news report that discusses the story, and dog lovers alike cannot help but feel warm and fuzzy inside. 🙂