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The Problem With Testimonials (and the solution!)

February 12, 2009

So you’ve got a website and some very happy visitors. You figure it’s a good idea to include testimonials from your visitors on your website. You’re certainly in good company, as many websites feature testimonials of all kinds – and many experts believe they increase credibility and therefore conversions or sales. So it’s a good idea, for what it’s worth – but they may not be worth much if they’re not BELIEVED.

There are lots of suggestions for how to make your testimonials believable. I found this top ten list. But, where is the REAL credibility?

Try authenticating your testimonials. Just like authenticating your website secure server certificate, you can authenticate the source and truthfulness of your testimonials. The service offers to verify the person credited with each of your testimonials and provides a “trusted” seal for you to display along with the testimonial.

If testimonials are a major part of your marketing mix, it’s worth checking out.