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The Success of a Webinar Isn’t About the Webinar At All


At Ten Golden Rules, we are big believers in the use of webinars in your digital marketing strategy. In fact, we practice what we preach in doing monthly livestream webinars ourselves. 

The most common objection we hear from our clients when we make this suggestion, however, is that they fear their audience won’t have the time, patience or interest to sit through a one-hour webinar. 

This may surprise you, but we agree. 

The success of a webinar should not be measured by the amount of attendees you have or the length of time they watched. A webinar’s success can’t be measured by trying it out “just one time.” The real success comes from establishing and publicizing consistent thought leadership that demonstrates an expert knowledge of the subject being covered.

For Ten Golden Rules, our monthly livestream webinars on digital marketing topics establish us as a trusted resource with the knowledge and experience to execute a webinar each month. For lawyers, topics can range from questions about Google Search Marketing, to practice management and technology to real live case studies. The point is, the topic of each individual webinar doesn’t matter nearly as much as the consistency with which you host them, and the marketing program that publicises your expertise.

Now, what if you can’t put on a webinar? Say you don’t have the time or the on-screen confidence? 

Not a problem.

You can use this model with any type of thought leadership. You could send a monthly report, rather than hosting a monthly webinar, covering a topic in a similar fashion. Or you could publish a white paper or PDF document. As long as you maintain consistency, your expertise will be conveyed.

The next step, and the most important step is to publicise your webinar or monthly content. We use email to invite our list to register, and we also use the company social media and Jay Berkowitz’ personal social media. And we aren’t done when the livestream event concludes. We invite everyone to watch the webinar replay and we edit 2-3 minute highlight video reels from the webinar recording to share further valuable content, and spotlight our expertise on the topic.

The last step is to turn marketing into sales. We invite all of the webinar registrants, whether they attend or not, to sign up for a free consultation and audit of their digital marketing. Each month – many law firms and professional services companies set up meetings to discuss their overall marketing strategy and performance, or to ask questions about the specific webinar topic.

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