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The Top 3 Social Media Guidelines for Your Company


You may have realized that your company needs a Facebook page, a LinkedIn page, and other social media accounts, but it’s also important to establish a company-wide social media policy when you establish those pages. Here are our top 3 tips for establishing the perfect social media policy for your company:

  • Create and cultivate a specific “voice” that translates across all of your social media. Your company’s voice should be consistent and reflect company values.
  • Give your social media to people you can trust and allow them to respond on the fly. It’s important that the social media team be able to respond in real time to whatever is happening at that moment.
  • Make everyone in your company a brand ambassador by offering up guidelines for employees when discussing their workplace online. Most people have social media accounts, so it makes sense that employees would talk about their workplace occasionally.

For more tips on establishing the perfect social media policy for your company, check out our article on social media policy on our website.

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