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The Top 5 Trends for Optimization to Increase ROI


Adobe recently released results of the 2012 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey in which they compiled global responses from over 1,700 digital marketers. The survey reports that digital marketers need to excel in four key areas to achieve success: social, mobile, personalization and the customer experience. The survey also uncovered areas of opportunity for improving conversion through optimization and, in turn, improving your ROI.
The five biggest trends for achieving optimum conversion are:
1.       Make optimization a strategic process – with just a few small adjustments, double-digits lifts in conversion can be achieved, resulting in deeper customer loyalties and a greater competitive advantage. 
2.       Utilize a data-driven approach to optimization – balance acquisition and optimization efforts to drive higher returns and include tactics like optimized site search, personalization, automated recommendations and testing.
3.       Implement a video marketing plan – video can educate, entertain and engage customers; 61% of survey respondents named video as one of the top rich media features to focus conversion efforts on this year.
4.       Optimize mobile channels – customer experiences that are device-appropriate will generate a higher ROI, especially for tablet users. Adobe’s survey found that consumers who access retail websites via tablets spend more than customers on other devices or computers and are 3 times more likely than smartphone visitors to make a purchase.
5.       Capitalize on social engagement – encourage social sharing within your social media networks and implement tools for moderating and measuring your social media channels.
You can download the survey results here. Strategic optimization can boost conversion rates through the entire sales funnel. Is there any room for improvement in your customers’ experience?