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The Value in Multi-Channel Funnels Reports


Marketers often tend to attribute conversions to the last interaction a customer had with a marketing channel. However, looking at it from this perspective doesn’t really give us the complete picture.

Are you currently leveraging the insights Google Analytics has to offer? As part of this product, there is a suite of valuable multi-channel funnels reports. Although this isn’t a new feature, you may find that it is underutilized by many. The purpose of these reports is to give you a comprehensive overview of the steps your customers take from inception through to conversion.

Within these five multi-channel funnels reports, you can analysis data and important insights that would have otherwise been missed. Rather than just attributing credit to the last interaction, you can now identify which marketing channels initiate, which assist and which complete conversions.

This type of reporting can provide critical data for your marketing decisions. For example, imagine if you didn’t know that although your display advertising doesn’t provide as many conversions as you would like, it is involved in over 90% of conversion assists. Without knowing a key statistic such as this, the display channel may have been undervalued in the overall conversion process.

Watch this video to learn more about multi-channel funnels.

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Image credit: Horia Varlan