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The Value of Quality Content

July 13, 2007

During the time I have spent link building, I have come across many interesting concepts to help build website value. The one I have found to be most important, and yet seems to come hardest, is the value of quality content.

What this means is if I have a site which is keyword researched and is linked correctly and I am doing all I can to get interest, then why am I not gaining any Page Rank? Without content to keep people coming to your site you have an empty shell. A visit of one time will not help with your flow of traffic and that is what helps your page rank.

The simplest answer may be, is that your page is getting people to it, but is not keeping the attention of those coming to your site. People look to things which hold a vested interest to them. Your site drew people too it. Your job is to keep them interested. Try to make the experience smooth and interesting so even the thought of hitting a back button is never considered. Concentrate on finding content to help gain more of the public eye. Keep in mind at all times the message your trying to send out and not let it get muddled. If the message is clear then you should not have as difficult a time finding the right subject material for your site as you would for simply paying more money for what could be done with some simple site content research. Eye candy is nice and helpful for immediate page clicks, but will not keep having them go through your site. At times it is not what you say, but how you say it.

Think to yourself when you are looking for something what kept you on a page and what kept you right on going. Chances are good that what drew you to someone else can very easily work for you as well.

A final thought to consider is a properly balanced site will draw more attention then spending on simply a huge ad campaign.