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The World is a Better Place and 10 Things I learned at Podcamp Boston 2

October 29, 2007

1. The world is a better place thanks to the New Media Community. Everyone is so giving and sharing. Everyone is willing to help make you better personally and professionally and this is engendering a spirit of kindness that I pray will seep into the rest of the world (specially those customer service people in call centers).

2. The Boston Community is incredible! Super Powers Chris Brogan and Christopher S. Penn formed a volunteer organizing committee, including true gentlemen Bryan Person, Doug Haslam and John Wall, and they were VERY organized. Podcamp was free. Superstar keynote speakers spoke for free. Podsafe musicians donated their time. Sponsors Pulver Media donated the space and the drinks Saturday night.

3. I have tons of homework to do to check out video dashboard Seesmic , Snitter, Podcast Platform , Buzz Marketing, Pacific Coast Hellway, David Meerman Scott (I missed his session), Clipmarks , SocialMarker, PRBlogJots,, Artist Christine Shomaker and Artopolis in Second Life and Robert Cialdini’s book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

4. It was amazing to plug in to the ‘pod’ tweets on Twitter. You could send and receive messages among everyone attending podcamp by typing pod(space). People used it to make impromptu meet-ups, find out the hot sessions while they were going on (there were 7 streams) and to quote col things they were learning.

5. Twitter is the dominant Micro Blogging Platform. In my presentation I asked how many people use Jaiku or Pownce and only 5-6 did.

6. Mitch Joel was inspiring in his un-keynote ‘Always talk to strangers’. Thanks for the reminder Mitch, I have a one inch stack of business cards.

7. David Maister was phenomenal…look for a separate post on his content.

8. Musicians Matthew Ebel and Natalie Gelman were excellent live, I listened to their CD’s on the way home and I recommend them both.

9. The term Digital Native is gaining popularity to describe those who have grown up with digital technology (computers, mobile etc.)

10. Canadians rock the podcast world. It was great to meet Hugh McGuire founder of free audiobook website , Mark Blevis and Bob Goyetche , Julian Smith, Bill Deys and the rest of my Canadian Homeys. Canadian digital music superstar Jay Moonah had the most Podcamp envy he kept Tweeting in 🙂