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There’s an App for That, no Really There is

February 25, 2010

I dropped my iPhone yesterday and shattered the screen. I’ve dropped it numerous times in the past and nothing ever happened to it. I have to admit I didn’t realize how dependant I was on my iPhone until it went to the big tech graveyard in the sky. I used “her” for everything from accessing my email, Twitter, Google Buzz, Foursquare, and Facebook to name a few. Yes my phone is female and believe it or not I named her. I’ll give you a buck if you can guess her name correctly.

So I made an appointment at my local Genius Bar to get the screen replaced. I got there right on time and they were a little behind on their appointments. No problem I thought to myself and figured I could checkout the latest and greatest apps for the iPhone.
The latest and greatest I did not find during my search but I did find some interesting apps. Well I guess you could call them interesting…
iMated 2: Ever wondered what it’d look like if you and your friends mated? Yeah, us too. Question no more, because iMated makes it easy!
Click Here for a YouTube click showing how it works.
iSqueeze: You have 4 cartoon characters plus an unlimited number of pictures – use any picture from your gallery or the iPhone camera! There’s a special camera interface and image editing/preparation menu – pimples appear only in right places!
iPoo: Always find yourself with nothing to do while you’re sitting on the can? Introducing iPoo – a new iPhone application that gives you something to do – while you poo! iPoo is a social community that brings together pooers from around the world.
Note: there will be no clip showing how this app works.
iTrust: Does your girlfriend or boyfriend trust you, or do you think they read your texts and emails while you’re away from your phone? Start iTrust. Follow the simple instructions and leave it with someone you would like to test. If your test subject tries to access your phone while you are away. A log will be saved of the events that have taken place, and you can playback this log at your own convenience.
Click Here for a YouTube click showing how it works.