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This guy is really smart!

February 15, 2007

I believe in the rule of threes.

It works for recipes, jokes and business. the first time you tell a joke (or make a recipe) credit the source by name “this is my Aunt Ruth’s Thanksgiving sweet potato and marshmallow recipe’, the second time credit the source ‘my friend told me this joke’ the third time give credit ‘I heard this joke’ the fourth time it’s your joke or your recipe.

In business, I find it extremely valuable to define your top three BIG projects. Apply regular attention to these projects over and above the daily tasks and you will find great career and business success.

The first time I heard of Rohit Bhargava’s blog my search manager referred me to his post on the top 7 trends in internet marketing, I was really impressed with his clear writing style and sharp insight into internet marketing. The second time I found one of Rohit’s posts in a web search, this time I added his RSS feed to my MyGoogle home page. The third time I arrived at his blog was from a link to his blog post on the 5 rules of Social Media Optimization. This time I subscribed to his blog through Feedburner – I don’t want to miss any posts!

To liberally extend my rule of threes, if someone’s blog pops up in your world three times inside two months and it is well written, intelligent and on the leading edge of what matters – I declare this person, Rohit Bhargava, is really smart. I highly recommend a visit to the Influential Interactive Marketing Blog !

I hope we cross paths at a conference or event one day soon Rohit.

Jay Berkowitz