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This Wednesday’s Webinar with @MWooddy: Improving Websites With Visual Content


Online marketing analyst and freelance photographer Matt Wooddy understands how images impact

our daily lives. From motion pictures to visually stunning photographs, images cannot escape us. They help us translate our emotions and love for products better than any wall of text ever can or should, and for that, we must learn how well they represent the online marketing world. Website development and fan interaction go well together, and probably much more than we’d like to admit as Internet marketers. With this webinar, Matt discusses how simple design and thoughtful images help relate more to the intended audience than clever wording and resourceful search engine optimization.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

– Retain visitors for a more effective web marketing strategy
– Boost sharing with sharp visual content
– Integrate social channels for efficient time management for web marketing

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About Matt Wooddy:

For the last six years, Matt Wooddy has used his social wizardry to completely turn around the online presence of over 200 brands. Understanding that social media is more than just a place to promote your business, he uses personal interaction and entertaining messages to improve the branding and interest of any given company. His industry knowledge has ranged from tattoo magazines and motorsport news channels to skin care products and dental practices. Matt realizes that it’s not so much the product that drives a good social campaign, but it’s the ability to communicate with your fans and followers in a personal way that makes a difference. As a freelance photographer, visual artist and musician in his free time, Matt has developed these personal skills that connect humans with each other. Though not a marketing expert in the traditional sense, the advent of online marketing has made Matt Wooddy a proven veteran in his respective fields.

Click here to register for FREE (9-4-13 at 12:30pm EST)