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This week with @socialjamie: Video Marketing Power: Strategize & Optimize for Success


For some time now, video marketing has been an influential part of how businesses manage their online campaigns. As trends tend to come and go in the Internet sphere, marketers must constantly change to adapt to their surroundings. However, video marketing doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, and this week’s webinar should give you a better understanding of how to tie it into your own social plans. Ten Golden Rules’ own Jamie Maloney is on board this week’s Wednesday Webinar to talk about strategizing and optimizing videos for marketing success.

In this webinar, we’ll teach you how to:
· Create strategies for marketing your videos online
· Optimize your videos for search engines (SEO)
· Generate new ideas for video content

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About Jamie Maloney
Jamie Maloney is an account manager at Ten Golden Rules. She has an MBA and over 12 years of experience in marketing and branding. Her love of agency work derives from her interest in learning the intricacies of different industries. Internet marketing is her passion with a strong focus on social media strategy and search engine optimization. Offline, you can find her playing with her tennis ball-obsessed Boston Terrier, Bruce Lee, and going to live music shows with her rockstar husband.

Click here to register for FREE (3-20-13 at 12:30pm EST)