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This week’s webinar with Georges-Alexandre Hanin: Optimization of Content Management for Cross-Device Web Marketing


The very idea that online marketing is crafted using one technique for one type of device has long since been forgotten. Marketers realize that desktop computers are no longer the dominate force in web browsing and web purchases, but mobile shouldn’t be viewed as a single entity either. From iPhones and iPads to Android tablets and Internet TV, users are relying on many more wireless web devices to deliver their news and information than ever before. Belgium-based researcher and Mobilosoft founder Georges-Alexandre Hanin understands that content needs to be optimized for many different types of devices, therefore he has crafted this presentation to focus on the cross-device web marketing campaigns. Join Georges-Alexandre Hanin for this week’s webinar, and you’ll become a bit more savvy in the world of optimized content management for multiple purposes.

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About Georges-Alexandre Hanin:

Georges-Alexandre Hanin is the founder of Mobilosoft, which creates mobile marketing solutions for retailers and brands. Launched in 2010, Mobilosoft has built a content management system that lets retailers build and manage their mobile sites. From that system, they can also manage dedicated couponing and text messaging campaigns. Mobilosoft has a presence in Belgium and France, and has websites in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany, LuxembourgClick here to register for FREE (6-26-13 at 12:30pm EST):