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This week’s Wednesday Webinar with @PortentInt: Weird, Useful, Significant: Internet marketing in 2013


Due to technical difficulties, Ian Lurie’s presentation from June had to be rescheduled. Get

ready, because we’re going to explore all the ways Internet marketing has changed in the year 2013! 

We’ve all turned internet marketing into a monster truck show, chasing rankings until our tongues drag on the ground. Now, learn how marketing really works, and how you can apply it to refresh your campaigns, boost revenue and strengthen your brand.

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About Ian Lurie:

Ian Lurie is CEO at Portent, a digital agency he started in 1995. His firm provides search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), social media and general strategic services to a wide range of small, medium and large businesses.
Ian believes strongly that great marketing, online and off, relies on clarity and helps customers make good decisions about products, services and people. Several years ago he wrote the book Conversation Marketing to be a common-sense guide to internet marketing. He’s also co-author of the Web Marketing All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies. 

You can follow Ian on Twitter at @portentint, or find him on the Portent blog, at
Click here to register for FREE (6-12-13 at 12:30pm EST)