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Time To Get Creative with Google Analytics Remarketing


You may already be familiar with the fact that you can make your Remarketing more powerful via Google Analytics, but it’s time to take it a step further and get really creative with this advertising method.

Depending on your business, you can slice and dice your Analytics data in numerous ways to utilize these insights via different lists. Aside from “loyalty discount” lists, another viable targeting option is – social media users. Because Analytics allows you to segment by source, you can target a list of visitors from social media sites with ad messaging tailored specifically to them. These types of users most likely reached your website via a link from someone they trust and are connected to, so they may naturally have a bit more trust in your brand as a result.

Think about how you can craft ads that truly resonates with them. How would you speak to these users compared to users who found your site by clicking through on a pay per click ad? Remember, they already have shown interest in something that you had to say or offer. Take this opportunity to answer their interest by showing them meaningful ads.

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Image credit: laogooli