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To all our Atlanta Friends – See you at the eCommerce-Summit June 3-4, 2009

May 23, 2009

Our friend John Lawson from invited our CEO Jay Berkowitz to make the closing keynote presentation at the Atlanta eCommerce-Summit June 4th at the Atlanta Airport Marriott.

Jay’s Presentation will be called “Web 2010: Ten Trends that will Define Your Business Future”.

The internet has become the critical hub for all business and personal communications. The presentation will explore the ten leading trends that will allow businesses and individuals to succeed online. What online innovations are driving business success? What are the top social media websites for business? How can you use the internet to build your personal brand? How do you make money in Social Media?

Ten Things Jay will Share at the e Commerce-Summit:

1. The Ten Top Trends that will define Your Business Future

2. A vision for the future for Google and my prediction for a company poised to challenge their market dominance

3. A guide for building your personal brand online

4. Ten FREE tools you can use to improve your internet marketing programs

5. Definition of the most important social media websites for business

6. A Beginner’s guide for Twitter. Why it matters. How companies are using it. What you need to do to get started.

7. Real strategies for using Web 2.0 to make money

8. Top new websites and tools to explore such as PeoplePond and TweetDeck

9. A new style of presentation that brings the end to ‘Death by PowerPoint’

10. An opportunity to be featured on the award-winning Ten Golden Rules of Internet Marketing Podcast