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To Blog or Not to Blog…

May 29, 2007

Hot topic around the status meeting table this morning. How much should we blog? Why do we blog? What kind of blogging are we doing? As we discussed these questions, we explored the different types of blogs and their purpose. I realized that we are involved in every type of blogging there is – either for us or our clients. In our jobs, it’s just part of the deal. But we do sometimes have a hard time convincing our clients of the importance.

As a business owner, consider blogging for the following reasons:
– establish expertise (create thought leadership, comment on emerging trends, etc.)
– offer periodic updates (newsletter anyone?)
– gain a wider audience (it’s amazing who will find your blog interesting)
– create additional links to your website (and post strategic links to other sites)
– become a resource to your audience (they’ll come back again and again)
– give a reason to visit your website (include links to specific pages)

There are a host of other reasons to blog, but these are probably most relevant to most businesses. And as you can see from this entry, it’s pretty easy to do, too.