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Today with @RidgelyG! Learn how a tiny SHIFT can make a huge difference!


The Easter holiday has settled, and we welcome in both the month of April and the springtime weather. While many of you are surely looking out your window wishing you were outside, we invite you to this week’s Wednesday Webinar with author and respected speaker Ridgely Goldsborough. 

Learn how a tiny SHIFT can make a huge, instantaneous difference.

Change is hard. Change sucks. Change hurts. Forget BIG CHANGE. All you need is a little SHIFT. Let Internet Guru, Ridgely Goldsborough,show 
your prospects on a biological level and convert your marketing into a conversion machine—more prospects, more sales, more raving fans,over night.

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About Ridgely Goldsborough:

Author and International Speaker, Ridgely Goldsborough, started his first business at the age of 16. After graduating from Law School, he earned his first million at the age of 29 and in the last three decades, started 43 companies. For one of those businesses, he founded Domain Street Magazine, the very first internet based magazine about the domain name industry. Ridgely and his team have over 400 active websites in multiple business verticals and he speaks around the world, in both English and Spanish, as one of the foremost experts in internet marketing, with a specific emphasis on video-based follow up sequences, the secret sauce to online campaigns. He has written 11 books, hosted hi s own television show and
created dozens of audio and video programs on success and prosperity, and conducted dozens of online marketing campaigns resulting in millions of dollars in sales. In addition, Ridgely is the co-author of The SHIFT and co-founder of the WHY Formula, the revolutionary marketing program used by professionals world wide to attract ideal clients. He is a frequent speaker at the top internet marketing conferences on the use of the internet to build marketing networks based on the WHY of the company founder. When not traveling (which is rare), Ridgely lives in Florida on the water, with his wife, Kathy. They have four children and share a passion for travel, fine wine and building businesses.

Click here to register for FREE (4-3-13 at 12:30pm EST)