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Top 10 Blog Optimization Tips (Part 2)

June 28, 2007

Last week we touched base on the first part of the Top 10 Blog Optimization Tips, which were inspired by Stephen Spencer’s blog optimization presentation, Making Blogging and RSS Pay Off: Driving Traffic and Sales Through Optimized Blogs and Feeds, from Search Engine Strategies in Toronto.

These blog tips cover strategies for optimizing your blog to its fullest potential:

  1. Blog Categories – Create categories by separating the blog posts that all fall under a certain keyword phrase, and use a “sticky” post that is optimized for your main keyword phrase. The other blog posts should support the “sticky” post and created a well-optimized content page.
  2. Related Posts Feed – Create internal feeds that will show titles of other relevant blog posts at the bottom of your current blog post. WordPress makes this easy with the Contextual Related Posts plugin.
  3. Web 2.0 Widgets – Make it easy for your readers to share your blog posts with their social network or community. Add widgets to your blog for Technorati,, DIGG and other Web 2.0 sites.
  4. Ping Your Blog – Let the search engines know that you’ve updated your blog by using Ping-o-Matic,, and Feedshot.
  5. Optimize RSS Feeds – Break up your feeds by category, latest comments and comments by post, giving your readers the choice of how they want to receive your content. Send full text, not summaries and include 20 or more items (not just 10).

To get more blog optimization tips, go to Stephen Spencer’s Scatterings and