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Top 10 Great Twitter Stories of 2009… aka I’m Tweeted Out

November 30, 2009

Over the long weekend, I thought I would catch up on some industry news. I started browsing Web sites, only to discover Twitter… everywhere. I couldn’t escape the 140 character micro-blog site no matter what I clicked. And I came into work today, only to learn that Twitter was named the most popular word of 2009.

So, in honor of Twitter topping the entire English language, here’s my

Top 10 Favorite Twitter Stories of 2009

  1. Tweet & You’ll Be Shunned – Former Vice President’s daughter Meghan McCain exposes cleavage on Twitter, and then apologizes to her 60,000 followers after posting the revealing picture.
  2. Tweet & You’ll Be Fined – Players from the Phoenix Suns and Charlotte Bobcats are fined $7,500 for posting to their Twitter accounts during games.
  3. Tweet & You’ll Become News – Actor and comedian Stephen Fry announces on Twitter that he deleted his Plaxo account with 20 million friends after the site exposes his personal information.
  4. Tweet & You’ll Be Thin – Actress Demi Moore posts the “original” photo of her recent cover for W, and experiences a backlash by followers accusing her of using model Anja Rubik as a body double.
  5. Tweet & You’ll Be Sued – Rocker Courtney Love calls fashion designer a cocaine dealer on Twitter, gets sued.
  6. Tweet & You’ll Be Suspended – A live Twitter feed to a local television billboard in Alabama creates a stir, leads to the suspension of the station’s general manager and news director.
  7. Tweet & You’ll Go To Jail – Pulp Fiction writer is re-jailed after investigation that he tweeted from prison. Authorities deny Twitter use had anything to do with his incarceration.
  8. Don’t Tweet & You’ll Go To Jail – Canadian teen sensation Justin Bieber attracts mob of teenage girls to a mall in Garden City, N.J. Island Def Jam Records senior vice president is arrested by Nassau County Police for refusing to tweet the crowd, asking them to disperse.
  9. Tweet & You’ll Break Up – Jennifer Aniston allegedly dumps singer John Mayer over tweets.
  10. Miley Cyrus Chooses Boyfriend Over Twitter – “FYI Liam doesn’t have a twttr & he wants ME 2 delete mine w/ gd reason”

Whew! What a relief she chose her boyfriend over Twitter!