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Top 10 Product Launch Myths

July 28, 2010

Last week I explained the concept of what a Product Launch is and what it could mean for your business. Have you thought about the concept a little bit more?

Because I’m in the process of learning about the concept in further depth, I want to convey the knowledge I am gaining about Product Launches to you.

Below are the Top 10 Myths about doing a Product Launch for your Business:

1. “I need to have an established business”
2. “There is too much competition in my market for a Product Launch”
3. “I just don’t have enough contacts for a Launch”
4. “There are others who are more well-known in my market – consumers wouldn’t be interested in a Product Launch of mine”
5. “I don’t have a tangible product to have a Product Launch with”
6. “I could only do one Product Launch as I don’t have others for additional Product Launches”
7. “My products wouldn’t work with a Product Launch”
8. “This concept wouldn’t work in my country/language”
9. “This would take too long to launch for my product”
10. “My product is too niche for a Launch”

All of the “myths” above are not deterrents for doing a Product Launch by any means.

Do you have a myth to add to the list? What are your thoughts? Go ahead and leave your comment below.

image credit: marcobellucci