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Top 3 Reasons Why Web Leads are Down


Are you experiencing a concerning dip in web leads?

You’re not alone. In fact, you’re among the multitudes of law firms experiencing similar decreases in web traffic and outreach from potential clients.

Here are the 3 main reasons you may be seeing a decline in web leads:

1. Missing out on Google Screened – Local Service Ads (LSAs)

In the 12 months since Local Service Ads were introduced, we have seen them capture 30% to 40% of the clicks for personal injury and most legal practice areas.
If your firm hasn’t been approved for Google Screened and optimized this strategy, you’re missing out on 40% of potential leads!

2. Google’s New Core Web Vitals Algorithm

Google recently introduced a new SEO algorithm – Core Web Vitals, and it’s become the most significant algorithm change in the last four years!
This new algorithm takes into account your website’s speed and functionality to determine if they will show your website in search results. If your website isn’t perfectly mobile optimized or doesn’t function quickly and efficiently on all devices, Google will stop showing it to searchers as frequently, effectively hiding your website from those who seek it out.

NEED HELP? We can do a quick analysis to determine how your website ranks on Google’s Core Web Vitals algorithm on a scale of 0-100.

3. Your PPC campaign hasn’t been optimized for immediate contact

You may be experiencing a decline in leads if you’re running a Pay-Per-Click campaign that hasn’t been tailored to incorporate the current best practices like click-to-call, mobile optimization, targeting terms that are easier to optimize for mobile searches, and using AI chatbots.

Phone calls convert to signed cases on average 24% of the time, and form fills convert only 2% of the time! So you have to optimize your campaign for calls!

BONUS TIP – 100% of the time, we find it’s better for personal injury and single incident law firms to receive a phone call or a chat request over a form fill, because these people are searching in the moment and require an immediate response.

If you’re experiencing a dip in leads that could be attributed to any of the above reasons, you’re in luck. There are solutions for each of them, and they don’t take our team much time or energy to implement!  We can help you funnel those lost leads back into your pipeline. Schedule a call HERE for a free analysis and tailored recommendations!