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Top 3 Tips for Increasing Company Blog Traffic


Want to optimize your company’s blog but not sure how? Let us help you make sure that all of your company’s blog posts are perfectly optimized so that all of your content is easily located by potential customers. Here are our top 3 tips for optimizing a blog post:

  • Select 2 keywords that fit the topic of the article – a more general, or main, keyword, and a more specific, or secondary keyword.
  • Next, optimize the body copy. Do this by adding the main and secondary keywords in the text where it makes sense. Don’t put it in where it doesn’t – this “keyword stuffing” will eventually get you in trouble with Google.
  • Next, create your “title tag.” This is the title of the article that will show up in a search engine. Make sure you include the main keyword and make it as catchy as possible to gain clicks.

Want more tips for optimizing blog posts? We have more detailed descriptions of our top 3 tips, as well as 3 additional tips, available for free in our article on increasing blog traffic.