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Top Things I Twittered from WebmaterWorld’s Pubcon


I am at WebmasterWorld’s Pubcon, and instead of taking notes just for me, I live Twittered everything I learned. If you don’t follow me on Twitter here are the highlights, in Twitter format.

Also interesting to note, Twitter was the dominant theme of the conference from the opening keynote featuring internet entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki and the nicest guy on Twitter Chris Brogan through to my talk on ‘The Intersection of Search and Social’. is a game changer. Faster than Google which takes 1-2 days to index @JayBerkowitz

No matter how much we say we’re talking about social media at large, we’re often just talking about Twitter @Chris Brogan

@DellOutlet on Twitter has done over $1,000,000 in business and over 154,000 followers in 1.5 years

Twitter growth 752% Dec. to Dec. (source @btabke

A number of people are using Twitter to search for product information instead of Google. They ask their followers what car to buy what movie to go to @JayBerkowitz

The ultimate form of flattery is how often people retweet your posts I check all the time @guykawasaki

If you want to be retweeted keep tweets to 120 characters leave room for Rt message @ggroovin

The number one reason people stop following you is too much me me me @ggroovin

32% of the Fortune 500 use Google Analytics @btabke

Great post by @chrisbrogan – 50 ideas for using twitter for business

‘Rankings are dead’ (Important What this means is that due to personalized search you get different results than I do, so you can’t look at rank results anymore) @btabke

Brett Tabke Main Themes: Google is winning, social media has arrived, affiliates are back for site monetization, what recession? @btabke

What’s coming in Search widgets badges, apps, mobile, local and international @SEOmom

@chrisbrogan ‘I cheat for blog content, I take pictures and blog about them like buy this shitty coffee the worst ad i’ve seen’