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Trying to get your pages indexed by the Search Engines?

January 20, 2011

I’ve been on the internet since 1994, surfing blazingly fast on a dual-banded 64kb digital ISDN connection for a total speed of 128kb/sec in my apartment. Yes, I was doing this in 1994. And one of the oldest issues I’ve run across on the internet is the perennial question, “How do I get my site/pages indexed by Google?”

Well, I’m going to reveal the massive secret to getting your pages indexed by any search engine. Drum roll please…BAM!

Well, it’s not THAT dramatic, but the answer may hit you in the head like Bam!, given its simplicity. The secret to indexing any page in any search engine is to drive spiders to the page.

Sounds simple? The concept is pretty simple; however the execution is the difficult part. I’m sure your next question is probably “Ok, so how do I drive spiders to a page?” Guess what? You already know the answer to this as well; back links. Preferably back links from high page rank, do-follow sites.

Of course, that’s the hard part. Finding and compiling an excellent list of do-follow, high page rank sites is and/or will be a time consuming, labor intensive effort. But one well worth the time and energy should you persist and succeed. For you will then be sitting on a gold mine; a list of ways to quickly and painlessly index sites or pages when you want them indexed, not when the search engines get around to it.

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