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Twitter Chats

September 8, 2010

The “twitterverse” is alive every day with all kinds of chatter on a wide variety of topics. You can find and follow people who tweet about your interests be they Vegetable, Animal or Mineral. Lately I’ve been participating in a few “Twitter chats” that pertain to topics that interest me.

What Is a Twitter Chat?
A Twitter Chat as a real-time discussion on a pre-determined topic. They typically are scheduled for an hour and are “moderated” by the chat founder. There seems to be a chat for any topic any time of the day or night. All tweets pertaining to the topic are tagged by using a hashtag.

Where Can I Find a Twitter Chat Listing?
There are lots of folks who have started to track all the chats that happen on a weekly basis via Twitter. A simple Google search will turn up a few good lists. You can also start to follow a few of the chats I list here to get a better feel for what’s available.

How Do I Participate?
Don’t be shy….just join in. Find a chat that interests you and jump right in at the scheduled time. Don’t forget the hashtag!

Why I Like Them?

I’ve met some great people and learned a few new tricks from Twitter chats. You never who you might meet or what you might learn

Some Of My Favorite Weekly Chats
#blogchat Learn how to make your personal or company blog better on Sundays at 8-9pm CST moderated by @MackCollier

#jobhuntchat Weekly tips from fellow job seekers and HR professionals on Mondays at 10-11pm moderated by @blogging4jobs (who is a great Words With Friends player BTW) @cornonthejob and @mscareergirl

#journchat Weekly discussion with PR, journalists and bloggers on Mondays at 7-10pm moderated by @prsarahevans and @journchat

#smmchat A biweekly discussion designed for Social Media Managers who work for a brand/company/corporate entity every other week on Thursdays 9-10pm EST moderated by @malcolli @loritodd and @jen_mccoy