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Twitter…in Plain English


I came across a really cute and interesting video about Twitter explained in plain English. I’m a regular Twitter user, and since I’ve started using it, people that have seen me use it wonder what Twitter is, and why I use it. This video is a great way to explain to them why and how people use it.

I agree with the idea that Twitter is a great way to bring people closer together, and you’ll know what your friends are doing. You can also communicate with your Twitter friends by @yourusername followed by the message. This has another become a form of communicating on Twitter, other than private messaging.

I also came across some other videos by the same people that explains other web phenomena such as Wikis, Blogs and RSS, to name a few, in plain English. The next time someone that isn’t familiar with the web or ask you what a Blog, RSS, Wiki or Twitter is, easily send them this video and hopefully they’ll get it.