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#TwitterTip – Who to Follow by Interests

October 28, 2010

For those of you now testing out the new Twitter web interface, one tip for growing your Twitter following is to follow other relevant Twitter accounts. Featured on the right side pane, under “Who To Follow” is a small “Browse Interest” link for following suggestions. Although this feature is easy to overlook, you will find that the “Browse Interest” feature is a very useful tool. It provides you with the ability to browse for other Twitter accounts by interests such as business, charity, deals & discounts, health, and technology to name a few.

Trying to grow your brand’s Twitter following? Try using this tool to find more targeted accounts to follow, who will find your brand’s tweets valuable. Remember, when trying to grow your following, follow additional accounts on an ongoing basis – don’t just follow thousands of accounts at once. Use this tip as an ongoing tactic.

Does this tool work well for your brand?