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Two Magical Words to Improve Your Search Engine Performance

June 14, 2007

“Site Map”

There are two ways to give the search engines what they need to fully index your website. First, does your website have the two words ‘Site Map’ in your navigation, or on the bottom of the page in an underlined link? Does your site map link to a page that contains links to all pages on your site? If not you are missing a tremendous opportunity to ensure that Google and the other search engines can navigate to all of the pages on your site, read those pages and add the text found on the pages to their search results. Search engine spiders are automated programs that travel around the internet following each link they find and reading content on the pages they come to. When the spiders come to a website page, and they find a link called ‘site map’, this makes it easy for them to find links to all the pages.

Second, try the protocol. This is a guideline recognized by all of the major search engines with simple directions for setting up an XML schema for the spiders. Please direct your webmaster to this link to make it easy for the search engines spiders to digest your website content.