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Two Simple Excel Tips for Drafting PPC Ad Copy


From experienced PPC marketers to someone just starting out, these quick tips will be a big help during the process of writing ad copy.

=LEN() Excel Function

If you need to find out how many characters are being used in the different lines of your ad copy, this Excel function will come in handy. Simply type in =LEN(INSERT CELL HERE) such as =LEN(A2), and it will insert the total character count within a cell (including spaces).

Conditioning Formatting in Excel

Taking the =LEN() function one step further, Conditional Formatting will allow you to highlight a cell as you specify based on a particular criteria. For example, let’s say you want to highlight a cell in red when it exceeds a character count of 35, this will allow you to do so along with much more.

You should be able to find the Conditional Formatting button in the Home ribbon of Excel (I’m currently using Excel 2010). You’ll see there are options such as, if a number is >greater than X, automatically highlight a cell in Y.

By using these two features together, it will make your job just a bit more efficient. A quick scan will easily tell you what ad copy is not adhering to character limits and needs your attention.

What are your favorite Excel functions for use with PPC? Remember, this is only scratching the surface!

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Image credit: Ryan Hyde