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Understanding Facebook Facial Recognition

December 17, 2010

Facebook states 99% of people using Facebook have uploaded at least one photo; more than 100 million photos are uploaded every day. With this in mind, Facebook has now announced it will soon upgrade its ‘Facebook Photos’ feature with their facial recognition technology. Vice President of Product for Facebook, Chris Cox, explains “We wanted to make our Photos product not suck. The addition of facial recognition is another step in that overhaul.”

Facebook has posed this feature as an upgrade to the manual process of uploading and tagging photos. Basically, Facebook’s recognition technology will automatically suggest friends within photos when the technology is confident enough to provide suggestions. This feature called, Tag Suggestions, is an attempt to simplify Facebook photo tagging as Chris Cox described. It’s important to note, you can opt-out of being auto-suggested. To do this simply go into your privacy settings and disable the feature “Suggest Photos of Me to Friends”.

Do you feel this feature is a benefit or simply another privacy concern?

image credit: smanography